Timi Va'a

Get your brand new 4 Arrows Timi va’a right away !

The TIMI company only produces V1s. You can get yours in standard Fiber Glass or in double Carbon Fiber.

Made for atlhetic paddlers it can easily withstand bodyweights up to 90 kg (198 lbs) but not more. Famous paddlers like Ami Damas or Hotuiterai Poroi chosed this shaper.

To get more information about pricing, shipping etc…, please contact us directly and don’t forget to leave us your Skype or Messenger or WhatsApp contact so we could call you to know exactly what you want. 


Tehuritaua Va'a

TEHURITAUA is a V1, V2, V3 and V6 va’a builder.

V1s can be built in Fiber Glass, S-Glass or in Carbon Fiber.

V2, V3 and V6s only come in Fiber Glass.

Great champs like Steeve Teihotaa or Manutea Millon have made it popular.

Have your own va’a stamped with “Pro Model Steevy Boy Shaped and Built in Tahiti” now !

Make Va'a

Make Va’a is also a newcomer in the va’a business.

The company sells all kinds of OC paddles (training and competition). The best seller is the wood category where all the products are coming in mahagony and purau (wood of Hibiscus tiliaceus).

But paddles also come in foam or in carbon fiber and now almost every paddlers from Tahiti also have their make va’a paddle at home.

Make Va’a experience comes from the fact that his owner has been working and learning from many professional va’a builder craftsmen like Fai Va’a, Timi Va’a and Viper va’a etc. before running his own business.

By still being a competitive paddler, Make is constantly trying to improve his models, driving by the feelings he’s getting from trainings and races.

As an official reseller, you can contact Tahiti Va’a Inc. now for more information and for pricing. Thanks

Other Options

Aside from top Tahitian brands, Tahiti is overflowing with many other va’a shapers.

Less popular than the other fours but more affordable on the other hand.

We can also provide our clients with fully refurbished va’as (V1 to V6). Almost brand new or with a few scratches.

You could get your own famous Tahitian canoe for less.

Find out more about those deals now !

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